EezyWash is the latest, most user-friendly payment platform in the carwash industry.

Once your customers have downloaded the free EezyWash app on their mobile, they can select, pay for and activate any carwash service on your site with the tap of a finger. It completely eliminates the need to fiddle around with coins or tokens, transforming your customers’ wash experience.

EezyWash can transform your business too, with all the benefits of cashless transactions and in-built financial and customer management options.

A fully integrated payment and management platform.

Three key elements work in harmony for you and your customers – the site hardware, your computer ‘dashboard’ and the consumer app.

We can tailor EezyWash to suit any site, from the smallest and simplest, to large multi-bay sites with a wide range of equipment. Licence plate recognition software can even be added for extra functionality. A central control cabinet monitors all the data from your site.

The easy-to-use dashboard gives you real-time data on what your customers are doing and lets you drill down into any aspect of the data you collect.

Know your customers like never before.

Because your customers use the EezyWash app to activate and pay for their wash, it’s easy to build a database. This allows you to do targeted marketing campaigns – you could create loyalty programs for your best customers, or design a special offer to boost business during your quieter periods. Customer data is also an invaluable tool for managing your business. Identify wash trends for each site, plan staffing and maintenance requirements, or manage the purchase and storage of consumables more efficiently.

A level to suit any business.

Installing and running EezyWash is very cost effective. Because each site is different, the hardware and installation costs vary. We will provide a written estimate after we’ve assessed your site(s). Once installed, there is a modest monthly service fee depending on what package you decide on, along with credit card fees.

Package 1 – Platinum

Our ‘Platinum’ package is fantatsic value. It gives you all the inclusions of the ‘Silver’ and ‘Gold’ packages as well as a Wash Club specially tailored to your customer base, and Licence Plate Recognition functionality that makes both your and your customers’ experiences even better.

Package 2 – Gold

In addition to the inclusions with the ‘Silver’ package, for a little more per month you also get multiple site devices and our deluxe signage package.

Package 3 – Silver

For just a small nominal amount per month, our ‘Silver’ package has everything you need to get started, including automatic in-bay activation, our basic signage package, and your platform ‘dashboard’.



iOS, Apple Watch, Android


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